Neusoft and China Telecom Achieve Strategic Cooperation

Recently, Neusoft Corporation (Neusoft) and China Telecom signed a strategic cooperation agreement on industrial digitalization. Both parties will cooperate in many important industries in the future focusing on the ecological development of 5G to realize the integration and complementation of products, solutions, channels and other capabilities, and jointly promote the expansion of projects. The signing of the agreement marks the further consolidation of the partnership between the two parties and they will jointly promote the application of 5G technology in the industry.

According to the agreement, Neusoft and China Telecom will carry out comprehensive cooperation such as industry solution integration, cloud application technology adaptation, team training and empowerment, joint marketing expansion and channel resource coverage in the areas of medical and healthcare, smart education and intelligent connectivity, etc.

Li Zhengmao, executive director, President and COO of China Telecom, says that China Telecom has been engaged in the integrated intelligent information service market for many years, established a customer-centered professional industry organization, actively practiced the strategy of “Cloud and Digital Transformation”, given full play to the advantages of cloud network convergence, seized the opportunity of economic and social digital transformation to contribute to industry development. As a leading provider of industry solutions in China, Neusoft provides innovative solutions and products to many industries such as healthcare, smart cities and intelligent vehicles. Both parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of 5G application, industrial digitalization, industry solutions, software talents training, etc. based on their respective advantages and capabilities, so as to build a digital industry ecology, explore new cooperation modes, and better support the digital transformation of economy and society.

Wang Yongfeng, Vice Chairman and CEO of Neusoft, says that Neusoft and China Telecom have cooperated for many years and established a partnership of high mutual trust. Based on the same strategic choice, both parties launch a deeper and more comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship around the 5G industry ecology to make full use of their respective advantages and jointly explore new business opportunities in subdivided sectors. This will not only benefit the future technological innovation and business expansion of Neusoft and China Telecom, but also help both parties to jointly provide customers with products and services which satisfy the actual needs and are more in line with the future trends of the industry, thus creating greater value for customers and the whole industry.

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