Neusoft’s smart transportation solutions are widely applied in many areas of China’s public transportation, including aviation, water transportation, roads, railways, urban transportation, and integrated transportation. They mainly include public information platforms such as logistics, passenger ticketing, information exchange platforms, information service platforms, and e-commerce platforms, as well as mobile terminal applications, GIS, GPS, and RFID in Internet of Things applications.

Cloud Police: Smart Transportation Products and Scenario-Based Application Services

Neusoft adheres to the philosophy of “systematic thinking, refined management, and continuous improvement” and integrates business, technology, management, and services. Neusoft regards urban smart transportation management and services as an overall system for planning and implementation. With the front-end acquisition device as the “eye” and the center-end video structure analysis, accurate image recognition, and big data analysis as the “brain,” Neusoft can quickly establish accurate, stable, and easy-to-expand platforms and application systems.


Aviation Solutions

In terms of freight, Neusoft provides systems for air freight, air freight forwarding management, cabin stowage, and process monitoring and scheduling. In terms of passenger transportation, Neusoft provides combined air ticket sales, freight management systems, systems for airport management, and GDS, etc..


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